Wellschool Initiative

The interaction between schools and health care professionals is usually limited to an annual check-up or a few isolated visits by doctors. There is no follow up or an organized program to systematically address the health care needs of the school students. Thus, we are deprived of the golden opportunity to promote health among the impressionable young minds of the next generation. It is this lacuna that Wellschool Initiative intends to fill, there by facilitating the conversion of partner schools into HEALTH PROMOTING SCHOOLS.


What is a Health Promoting School?

As per World Health Organization, a Health-Promoting School is distinguished by 6 key features:-

1. Engages health and education officials, teachers and their representative organizations, students, parents, and community leaders in efforts to promote health

2. Strives to provide a safe and healthy environment, including social support and mental health promotion

3. Provides skills-based and age appropriate health education that enables students to make healthy choices and adopt healthy behaviors throughout their lives

4. Provides access to health services like screening, diagnosis, monitoring growth and development through partnerships with local health agencies

5. Implements health-promoting policies and practices, such as policies on drug/alcohol/tobacco use, and first aid, that help prevent or reduce physical, social and emotional problems

6. Strives to improve the health of the communities by participating in community health projects

In simple words, any school that utilizes its organizational capacity to promote health of the students, teachers, parents and the community members, is a Health Promoting School. Wellschool Initiative, through the technical expertise and experience of its team members, aims to address all of the above issues through a carefully planned school health program.